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    What are EVs and how do I get them?


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    What are EVs and how do I get them?

    Post by Admin on August 7th 2015, 12:21 am

    Effort Values are insanely important in the competitive scene. These end up boosting your Pokémon's stats by a good amount, which allows your Pokémon to be able to do its job as well as it can. Pokémon that aren't EV trained rarely ever stand a chance against those with EVs.

    EVs are obtained by defeating opponent Pokémon, whether it be against wild Pokémon or a Trainer's. Every Pokémon gives a set amount of EVs per K.O., which allows them to be "farmed" to gain EVs in mass numbers. However, in Generation 6, EV training became INSANELY easy due to a mechanic known as horde battles. These, summoned through the use of Honey, Sweet Scent, or just a random encounter, are a group of five Pokémon, which are usually the same, rivals, or relatives. By defeating a horde, you gain the amount of EVs the Pokémon would normally get after five battles. This paired with Pokérus, a virus that infects Pokémon via spreading throughout your party that can be obtained randomly in the wild (albeit rarely), and the Power Item that boosts the EV gain of a certain stat by 4 while decreasing the Pokémon's Speed, can result in 50+ EVs per horde. When you know what hordes give what EVs, EV training suddenly takes 10 minutes when it used to take hours. A really easy way to horde train is:

    With a Teddiursa! With Sweet Scent, Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Brick Break with the Pickup Ability is the perfect horde trainer. Not only does it easily defeat hordes with one move once it gets to a high enough level, it has a chance to pick up items after a battle, including the extremely rare Leftovers. Lead with Teddiursa after using Sweet Scent. Have the Exp. Share on and the Pokémon you are training be infected with Pokérus and holding the Power Item of the desired stat. The more hordes you KO, the more the Pokémon's EVs will skyrocket!

    A list of the EV-training hordes are listed below:

    A Pokémon can have a maximum of 252 EVs in one stat, and a maximum of 510 EVs total. Because 4 EVs is equal to one stat point, there are 2 extra EVs that don't do anything. However, this means you can only max out two stats and have 4 EVs left over for a different stat.

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