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    How to obtain high-IV Pokémon



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    How to obtain high-IV Pokémon

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 11:55 pm

    In the previous post, I gave you a brief overview of what IVs are and why we need them. Now I'll tell you a few methods to get them.

    1) Random Encounters and Friend Safaris
    Each IV has a 1/32 chance to be 31 and a 31/32 chance to be any other number when you're encountering them in the wild. In other words, it's INCREDIBLY hard to find a 31/31/31/31/31/31 (or 6IV) Pokémon in the wild. Friend Safaris guarantee two 31 IVs in random stats, so there's a better chance of finding a 6IV Pokémon in there, but it's still very rare. This is a method almost no one uses, so it's wise to use the other ones.

    2) Breeding
    This method is the preferred way of getting perfect IVs onto a Pokémon. While this was hard in Generation 4 (D/P/Pt/HG/SS), it's become easier to do in the most recent generations, most notably Generation 6. With Generation 6, the Destiny Knot now guarantees that 5 IVs (a random mixture of both parent's IVs) will be passed down onto the child, and the Everstone guarantees the nature of the holder will be passed down. This means getting high-IV competitive-ready babies you just need to train up is as easy as eating a cupcake. The Friend Safari is a great way to start with this. Get two parents of the desired Pokémon and breed on from there. For example:

    Do note that this is a simplified version. You will often get babies that don't have the IVs you want and will have to breed more than one egg to get the desired IV output.

    3) Soft Resetting
    This method is used for Legendary or Interactable Pokémon that cannot be bred or encountered otherwise. The way you do this is: Have a lot of Poké Balls (most likely Ultra Balls or a desired Ball) to catch the Pokémon in. Save right before you encounter the Pokémon and initiate combat. Lead with a Synchronize Pokémon to up the chance of getting the desired nature to 50%. Start the battle with the Pokémon and capture it. Check its nature and IVs with its Summary and an IV checker (Serebii has one). If you don't have the right IVs or Nature, soft-reset your game by pressing "START", "SELECT", "LTRIGGER", and "RTRIGGER" at the same time. This will reset your game to the loadup scene, from which you can continue your game from where you last saved. Repeat this process until you get your desired Pokémon. This can also be used to get Shiny Legendary or Interactable Pokémon. As of Generation 6, Legendary Pokémon, whether they are encountered or received as Mystery Gifts, are guaranteed to have 3 31 IVs, which makes soft resetting even easier.

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