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    What are IVs and how important are they?



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    What are IVs and how important are they?

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 10:57 pm

    If you're going to battle competitively, you're going to need to know what IVs are and how to get them onto your Pokémon. For those of you new to the competitive scene, the process might seem a bit confusing, but it'll pay off in the end!

    What in the world are IVs?
    IVs, or Individual Values, are hidden numbers that a Pokémon has that are determined as soon as it is encountered or received. These values determine, along with the base stats, nature, and Effort Values, what a Pokémon's stats will be at a certain level. These end up giving a decent boost to stats when they're very high, so getting IVs as high as possible is a good idea. The more perfect IVs (31 IVs) a Pokémon has, the more valuable it is. This is also often true for the least amount of IVs possible to get in a stat (0 IVs).

    Why IVs are so important.
    Individual Values, as I mentioned before, are used to determine what a Pokémon's stats will be at any certain level. IVs can give rather significant boosts to a stat depending on how high or low they are, and that comes into play in competitive battles. During competitive battles, you want the highest (or lowest) possible stats for your Pokémon so it can do its job the best. It isn't easy getting perfect IVs in the stats you need, but there are methods to do so listed in the next post.

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