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    Forum Rules - Battling


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    Forum Rules - Battling

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 10:45 pm

    Most battlers battle in the OU tier or below. Therefore, no Uber-tiered Pokémon are allowed unless specified. Our Ubers list is identical to Smogon's with a few exceptions, those being:
    -Blaze Blaziken is UU.
    -Darkrai is OU but Dark Void is Uber.
    -Mawilite and Mega Mawile are OU.
    -Aegislash is OU.
    -Greninja is OU but cannot have any Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire move tutor moves on it.
    -Landorus-Incarnate is OU as long as it has Sand Force.
    -Swagger isn't banned, but using it with Foul Play on the same Pokémon is.
    -Baton Pass is not limited whatsoever.

    Smogon's item bans, save for the Mawilite, are the same here.

    Clauses: These are rules put into all battles, regardless of tiers.

    1) Sleep Clause: You may only put one of the opponent's Pokémon to sleep at a time. Self-induced sleep and Effect Spore do not trigger this.

    2) Species Clause: Only one of a Pokémon can be on a team. This does not restrict the use of pre-evolutions.

    3) OHKO Clause: One-Hit K.O. moves (Fissure, Horn Drill, Guillotine, and Sheer Cold) are not allowed.


    Hacks: Hacks are Pokémon illegally obtained, whether it's through Pokégen, PowerSaves, QR Codes, or other means. These are not allowed on IWBTVB and will result in a ban. Though there is no way to 100% tell if a Pokémon has been hacked in, there are a few warning signs, so if people ask you about a 6 IV Shiny Mew with Defog and Soft-Boiled, don't be surprised. Pokémon bred from hacks are considered legal, however.

    Clones: Clones are Pokémon obtained by duplicating a Pokémon through glitches or third party mechanisms. These are allowed as long as they are clones of legitimate Pokémon.

    Etiquette and Courtesy
    -Do not spoil gym teams. This makes it unfair for the gym leader and less fun for both battlers. Only do this if the gym leader allows you to spoil their team.
    -Do not counterteam. Counterteaming is when you make a team to completely stop someone's particular strategy or typing, e.g. bringing a Volcarona, Terrakion, Keldeo, Galvantula, Florges, and Sylveon against a Dark-type gym leader. It's disrespectful and will result in you being banned from challenging that gym for a week.
    -Do not forfeit battles. Some battles may be worthy enough to showcase on our "Battle of the Week" thread, and forfeiting a match will simply ruin the excitement. Last it out until the bitter end.
    -Keep bragging to a minimum and respect your opponent during battle. No one likes a jerk.

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