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    Forum Rules - General House Rules


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    Forum Rules - General House Rules

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 10:21 pm

    Member Rules:
    -Don't be a snob. Winning and getting a bargain is great, but you shouldn't rub it in anyone's face.
    -Respect the fellow members of IWBTVB. Bashing on other people simply won't be allowed.
    -Do not spam or advertise. These should be self-explanatory.
    -There will be absolutely no threatening of any members, new or old.
    -Respect those of authority and don't talk back. Admins and moderators are here to protect the members, so denying their ruling is extremely offensive.
    -Don't brag. I believe this is self-explanatory as well.
    -Please be kind and polite. We understand that people have bad days and can have moods, but kindness is something we really want around here, mods and admins especially. We don't need toxicity.

    Mod Rules:
    -Don't abuse your power. Just because you have a higher rank than another member doesn't mean you can do anything to them.
    -Don't brag about your rank. It's rude and rather annoying.
    If you see a mod or administrator abusing their power, contact Mega Grievous or Admin immediately.

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