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    Who IS the Elite Six?



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    Who IS the Elite Six?

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 7:39 pm

    Well, really, it should be called the Elite Six. These six people are some of the toughest battlers on this league and specialize in a tier. Each Elite Six member will have a certain tier's rules, which both you and the Elite Six member have to uphold. One will be Uber, one will be OU (modified), one will be UU, one will be RU, one will be NU, and one will be PU. When facing these battlers, you must follow the rules of that member's tier, including the Pokémon. For example, you can't bring a Landorus-Therian when facing the NU member of the Elite Six.

    Uber Member:
    OU Member:
    UU Member:
    RU Member:
    NU Member:
    PU Member:

    The Champion status has not been filled yet, so no rules have been decided.

    To challenge the Elite Six, you must have obtained 8 badges from the CURRENT gym leaders and have been a member for 2+ weeks.

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