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    Gym Leader Applications



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    Gym Leader Applications

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 7:04 pm

    Pokémon leagues need gym leaders. It's a well-known fact. And since we're low on gym leaders, we'll need some to fill up the types! That's where you all come in. There will be a few pre-chosen gym leaders so we can obtain badges, but after that, the types not taken are up for grabs. Here are the requirements to become a gym leader:
    1) You must have been a participant in the league for at least one week.
    2) You must have 6 or more badges that are from the CURRENT gym leader. If you have a badge from a previous leader of a type, you'll have to beat the newest leader to update the badge.
    3) You must pass a test against some of our strongest battlers. These tests will generally have a large amount of checks and/or counters to your type of choice, so be prepared for a rough battle.
    4) You must have no history of hacking.

    All you have to do to apply for a typing is state your Friend Code, time zone, IGN of your battling cartridge, and the type you want. You'll also have to list the rules your gym will have, of which you can choose from the following:
    -OU limit (minimum of 3)
    -BLs count as OU
    -Banned Mega Stone (maximum of 1)
    -Banned Pokémon (maximum of 1)
    -Legend ban/limit (maximum limit 2)
    -Item limit and specific item bans (like only 1 Choice item or 1 Focus Sash, full item clause, etc.)
    -Format (Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation)

    Your team must contain three Pokémon of your chosen typing and:
    -One more Pokémon of your chosen typing.
    -A Pokémon with a move of your chosen typing that isn't of your chosen typing.
    -A Pokémon that, upon Mega Evolution, becomes your chosen typing.
    Mega Evolutions that take away your chosen typing (Such as Mega Gyarados in a Flying-type gym) do NOT count towards your typing.

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