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    Challenging the Flying-type Gym Leader!



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    Challenging the Flying-type Gym Leader!

    Post by Admin on August 6th 2015, 7:19 pm

    The current Flying-type gym leader is: Mega Grievous (Admin) [Mystyli]
    Their time zone (GMT) is: -8 standard, -7 DST
    They are usually on the chatroom or forum from [time here]A/PM until [time here]A/PM.
    Their rules consist of:
    -Banned Pokémon: Cloyster
    -Full Item Clause

    -One of each Choice and Focus item

    To challenge the leader, post at any time your Friend Code, time zone (GMT), when you can meet them (day and time, leader's time zone), and the IGN of your chosen cartridge. If you are battling using Pokémon X or Y, make sure to notify them.

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